When concrete pool deck sinks or cracks, you might start to wonder on how much it will cost to repair it. You might worry as well on how long your pool will be out or if it may receive further damage during deck demolition. But, there is nothing that you should worry about anymore in the event that you work with experienced and skilled professionals to perform concrete repair works. You have to look first of what you have to know before you even start considering hiring a service provider to perform the repairs of your pool deck. 

One common reason to why pool decks are cracking is because of soil settlement after the initial installation. When pool site was excavated first and pool was installed, backfill was positioned around the edges. This is the surface to which the concrete deck was built and the soil isn't compacted enough to deal the weight of building material as well as constant use. 

Over a span of 10 years, the soil is settling as air pockets under concrete are released. The deck might develop a slope gradually or it may drop overnight, depending on the settlement. If it suddenly lower, then there is a possibility that there's crack in the material. View website for facts on this. 

And due to shrinkage, there is a chance for concrete pool deck to crack. The moment that the material is poured, some water is going to evaporate throughout the curing time. Say for example that the mix has too much water, then it may make the volume to lose results in concrete pulling apart during the drying period. The concrete might crack when it is exposed to thaw/freeze cycles throughout winter months. Melting ice would be absorbed to the surface to freeze again, causing the material to contract and expand. 

Cracked and uneven decks that is surrounding the pools are not unsightly but they are a big safety risk factor too that must be considered. Big cracks and lifted slabs as well create tripping hazards that may just go unnoticed until someone gets injured. Pool decks are meant to include slope that is directing the water away from the pool's edge, decreasing the slippery conditions. 

Tilted and uneven slabs might work against this goal and increase the possibilities of slip due to pooling water. It is not a good idea to ignore this issue as injuries near pool are serious given that they include the risk of drowning. 


Remember that calling professional deck repair companies is always the better solution instead of having complete excavation. Not because of the reason that it is a cheaper choice but, it is less risky and faster as well. Continue reading here: